We did it  Children’s Day 2014

On 14th of November, children’s day was celebrated in one of the slum area nearby Jamia Millia Islamia to inspire and motivate the children for learning. Where by the children has been entertained by the volunteers of campaign- ‘TEACH TO CONSTRUCT’ by diverse programs like khoo khoo, antrakshri, and other recreational activities. In addition to that sweets, samosas, juice packets and other eatables were distributed. The excitement of the children, I observed was indefinable and very emotional-I observed the talent hidden among the children who at this age can play antrakshri and can memorize the songs of every alphabet but unfortunately do not know what alphabets are and how to write them.

The children of these slum areas too have dreams and aims, like every child of economically well parent to be doctor, teacher, policeman etc. Now the question is who is responsible for this deplorable condition of these slum dwelling children. Instead of showing them the way to achieve their goals and way to school, they are being forced to earn their livelihood.

Finally the prizes were also distributed among the children for their performance throughout the session. To sum up these all the things definitely will save these tender buds from dying before blossom; Besides these will act as the motivation and source of attraction towards education and these like initiatives are required throughout the country for furtherance of educational process which in turn would lead prosperity. In addition to this, these like initiatives needs appreciation by the people as well as government to save the nation from grave dangers like terrorism, criminals, thieves etc.