Learn and Tell

What is common thing, when we talk of Ibn-Sin, Ibn-Batuta, Al-Beruni, Marco Polo and the like? The answer is as mystical as fantabulous, as their travelogues are. “Travelling while learning” or “Learning while travelling”, a concept, old, but promises experience, which is new. “The Origin” is organizing, for first of its kind, a tour, full of, surprise of experiences and journey of memories. The tour, starting from, the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk of ‘Old Delhi’, glancing once history of Hawa Mahal of ‘Jaipur’, feeling the aura of the mystical, Taj Mahal of ‘Agra’, exhausting breathe on the hill top fort of ‘Gwalior’, becoming spiritual in ‘Khajuraho temples’, roaming in the one of the oldest city of the worth roaming, ‘Varanasi’, visiting one of the ancient universities of the world, ‘Nalanda’ and many more experiences. And not only the spiritual and amazing travelling, but, lessons of history of the place while visiting and attendance in the conference, which would held in best universities of India. The course, in spite of its exhaustive nature, promises interesting and curious knowledge on the idea of India, past and contemporary. So, let’s explore and experience together the novelties of the places, visited by lakhs people, every year with folk music and dances to enrich your travel experiences.

Course A

Indian History

Course B

Indian Sociology

Course C

Indian Politics

Course D

Indian Economics