Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

This education tour is open to any school/college/university students. The most important criterion is ‘fit’. There are lots of tours out there, with very different orientations. This illuminated tours are intended for people who are seriously dedicated to experiencing the richness of Indian culture, and want to learn or explore by immersing themselves in the history, literature, religions, art, spirituality, and politics of a place.

No. The program has no official relationship with any university. That is part of why we are able to offer it as a reduced cost, by not paying university fees. But we are providing the certificate for the participants of the lectures.

We have had participants as young as ten years old, and friends in their 30’s come on the program.

You should obtain a visa PRIOR to arrival by going on the E-Visa website from the Indian government: ( ) If you are a foreign national, you will require an Indian visa to attend the tour.

The program includes: your hotel stay for the entire time in India during the program, your breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner every day, your bus/train for traveling throughout India, all the admission ticket costs, on-site lectures and 2 hours lecture in the four different universities on various aspects of Indian history, polity, sociology and economic.

Obviously, any souvenir shopping you might want to do is not included. Also, since the participants come from different origins, and those airfare costs vary considerably, international airfare is not included.

Tour fees should be paid in one installment and the full payment has to be made by the Nov 15. 2015.

We have to make arrangements for train and hotel reservations, and as such, require an advance payment for the program. Therefore, all participants will be asked to make a $100 non-refundable deposit. If something should come up and your circumstances change, there is a refund policy. You have until 20 days before the trip to get a refund minus the non-refundable deposit. After that time, there will be a partial refund issued.

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